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Concord Academy

Clubs and Organizations

2019-20 Club and Organization Leaders


Club Student Leaders Faculty Advisor
Active Minds Coriell Miller
Matthew Shields
Anna Brown
Jeff Desjarlais
Alianza Latina Kezia Almonte
Ashley Mendia
Saul Verdi
Amara Rojo
Anime Club David Yang
Toby Jiganti
Shawn Bartok
Art Club Audrey Vo
Izzy Larsen
Jonathan Smith
Asian Cuisine Club (ACC) Chaewon Bae
Junwei Zhang
Wenjun Kuai
Asian Student Association Shelly Liu
Charmaine Ko
Alex Lee
Yehrim Hwang
Laura Twitchell
Bee Club April Shih Brett Kelly
Big Data Club Haley Wixom
Quinn Meyerson
Shelly Liu
Anna Sander
George Larivee
Bio-club Nicharee Jiraphanphong  
Board Game Club Nop
Peter Jennings
CA Book Club Shreya Patel
Piper Gordon
Rylie Robinson
unknown (told last year by Student Life that we didn't need one)
CA Gaming Conner Dayton
Lizzie Chai
Loki Fondeur
Shawn Bartok
CA Women in Tech Patricia Plunkett
Shelly Liu
Rachel Hu
Ben Stumpf
Cabaret Chiara Ruberto
Abby Kaufman
Hayden Jennings
Tai Oney
CASA Kaori Sakuri
Serina Oh
Liliane Lin
Emily Byers
Susan Flink and Liz Beal
Ceramics Club Kaitlyn Severin
Ben Faerman
Monica Ripley
Chess Club Ryan Lee
Hank Parker
Shawn Bartok
Classics Club Eric Yoon
Lisa Liu
Karilyn Sheldon
Classics Club Lisa Liu
Eric Yoon
Karilyn Sheldon
College For Cambodia (CFC) Mika Iwasa
Jack Lin
Topi Dasgupta
Comedy Club Sophia Di Giovanni
Maya Himelfarb
Addie Politi
Alice Roebuck
Concord A-Comedy Jackson Philion
Henry Patton
Shane Ryan
Shelley Bolman
Concord Academy Refugees Association Eric Yoon
Aayushya Agarwal
Thomas Mandala
Culinary Club Ben Faerman Enrique Alcayaga
Debate Club Griffin Seidel
Toby Jiganti
Alex B. Lee
Ed Rafferty
DEMONs Ronit Sinha
Lucian Sharpe
Kaori Sakurai
Adam Winograd
Max Hall
Dungeons & Dragons Lilah Grzeszczuk TBD
Economics (Econ) Club Wendi Wang
Leo Koerner
Mark Engerman
F.O.C.U.S. Portia DeSimone  
Finer Things Club Andy Dietel
Melanie Tapia
Emma Storbeck
French Club Kyle Mickelson
Claire Masiee
Friendship Bracelet Club Isadora Goldman Leviton
Rose Sinkus
Ennya Papastoitsis
Jolyon Breckon
Gardening Club Lizzie Chai
Conner Dayton
Loki Fondeur
Annie Bailey
German Club Henry Patton
Gabby Ruberto
Sabine Labuhn/Annie Falk
Green Club Anna Sander
RJ Schechner
Nat Edmonds
Iris Ducker
Coco Huang
Gretchen Roorbach
GSA Laura Diangeli Nancy Boutilier
Improv Club Henry Patton  
International Student Organization (ISO)    
Investment Club Findlay Tyler
Shihab Moral
Jarrett Gath
Mark Engerman
Italian Club Olivia Takacs
Missy Scavongelli
Max Hall
Jazz Club Audrey Vo
Sameer Desai
Nathaniel Coben
Jewish Student Organization Isadora Goldman Leviton
RJ Schechner
Allison Lebron
Linguistics Club Roger Ge
Coco Huang
Aayushya Agarwal
Sara Bellini
Magic the Gathering Portia DeSimone  
Mandarin Club Krystal Yu
Jack Keller
Jhade Harris
Alexis Fredericks
Wenjun Kuai
Math club Matt Zhou
Jack Lin
Lisa Liu
Shawn Bartok
MESO Abby Stapleton
Sky Cole
Kirsten Hoyte
MoCA: MoCA: Mxn of Color Alliance    
Mock Trial Ava Glazier Karilyn Sheldon
Model United Nations RJ Schechner
Ellen Jennings
Ben Stumpf
Music Producers Club Sameer Desai
DJ Charles
TBD probably Nate Tucker though
Muslim Student Association Shihab Moral
Zahaan Khalid
Taha Kina
Sabrina Sadique
Outdoors club Tess Mooney
Kendall Bartel
Jessica Kuh
PACrats Iris ducker
Jhade Harris
Sky cole
Abigail Stapleton
James Williston
People With Unconventional Family Trees (PUFT) Alexis Fredericks
Reza Eshghi
TBD - possibly Ayres Stiles-Hall
Philosophy With Jen Adam Winograd
Alex B Lee
Jolyon Breckon
Jen Brickey
Ping Pong Club Hank Parker
Auden Gall
Pitches Mira LaRocca
Katherine Stirling-Ellis
Tai Oney
Poetry Club Luka Willet Nancy Boutilier
Pokemon Club Ronit Sinha
Sam Hoffman
Oliver Clackson
Shawn Bartok
Programming Club Ronit Sinha
Ryan Lee
Ben Stumpf
Q Squared (Queer and Questioning) Missy Scavongelli
Keagan Tan
Angie Minichiello
Loki Fondeur
Nancy B
QPOC Keagan Tan
Zachary Tung
Jared Rhee
Peter Boskey
Robot Club Hannah Wixom
Charlie Apolinsky
Nuo Wen Lei
Max Hall
Rubbish to Runway Tess Mooney
Kate Yanulis
Science Club Aidan Admadjaja
Eric Liu
Kim Kopelman
Susan Flink
Self-Care Club Sofia Silva
Angie Minichiello
Sensational Krystal Yu
Mika Iwasa
Liliane Lin
Shock Value Kelly Zhang
Morgan Glazier
Amy Spencer
Skater Buddies Mallory Thut
Sarah Collier
Camille Hick
South Asian Student Society (SASS) Vedika Sharma
Zahaan Khalid
Rohin Nguyen
Topi Dasgupta
Spanish Club Gabriela Ruberto
Alex Brady
Kincaid Debell
Darley Boit
Sarah Gore
Spark (Inventor's Club) James Gow, Jr.
Conner Dayton
Max Hall
Step Team Tomilola Adegoke
Ravyn Hamer
Brianna Giraldez
The Chameleon Iris Ducker
Henry Patton
Abby Laber
The Scallion Maya Himelfarb
Jessica Bradford
Sophia Pasalis
Andrew Stevens
Umoja Liat tesfazgi
Victoria solarin
Dallas collins
Thomas Mandala
WoCA Serina Oh
Meleah Neely
Tianah Gooden
Topi Dasgupta
Women's Organization Charlotte Ko
Ceci Crawford
Sky Cole
Courtney Fields
Woolpack Allie Ehlinger
Eliza Morton
Sarah Gore
Wor$st Behavior Charlotte Ko
Navien Turner
Lucy Whitelam
World War 2: strategy, tactics, and politics Kazimir Borowicz TBD
Yearbook Audrey Vo
Ella Griffiths
Alexis Frederick
Peter Boskey, Monica Roy
Youth in Philanthropy (YIP) Haley Wixom  

Please find Guidelines for all events hosted by clubs and Organizations:

Event Guidelines


Funds, Sales, and Student Charges

Each class, organization, and club has a separate account set up through the finance office. If you are curious about your account standing, please reach out to Brett or Sally and they can give you updates.  

It is the responsibility of the class leadership and club/organization co-heads to make sure that finances are handled appropriately.  

This means the following:

  • Any sales must be pre-approved through the Student Life Office at least one week before the sale (contact Renee Coburn to reserve lunch block for sales)

  • Student/faculty charges are documented using the approved spreadsheet created by the finance office.  The spreadsheet can be found on CA Connect HERE or type in “Instructions for Student Charges” in the search window on CA Connect!

  • Student/faculty charge sheets along with the following info (Date of Activity or Sale, Items sold and the price, Club/Class/Activity holding the event, Name of students in charge) must be submitted to Brett or Sally no later than 1 day after the event.

  • A club, organization, or class account must be in good standing at the end of the year.  You cannot have a deficit moving into the following year!

If you are hosting a sale that requires food from the dining hall, please make sure to contact Shawna Penders.  Orders are due on Friday (for events taking place the following Tuesday) or Monday (for events taking place the following Thursday).  You will need to provide the following information to Shawna: Name of your organization, Date of event, Quantity of food needed, Contact person, Where and when food can be picked up.

Hosting Events on Campus

If you are looking to host or co-host an event on campus, please take the following steps:

  • Make sure you’ve checked in with your faculty advisor(s) so they are aware!

  • Check in with Brett, Sally, or Renee to see if the space you want is available (Note: please see below for information regarding room capacity)

  • For some spaces, even if it looks available through the room reservation feature on Google Calendar, it is still important to check in with the adult(s) who supervise that space.  For the PAC and Dance Studio, check in with Jessica Cloutier-Passe and Amy Spencer. For the SHAC, check in with Sue Johnson or Laurie Baker. For house common rooms, check in with house faculty from that house.

  • If you are using decorations, they should be flame resistant.

  • Connect with Brett to make sure whatever you are planning takes fire codes into account!  Schedule a check in with her at least one week before the event to walk through the space.

  • Make sure you have a set up/clean up plan!  It is your group’s responsibility to make sure that there’s a crew to help set up and that the space is left in the same way you found it.




First Floor 390

Second Floor 50



Theater 375

Stage 30


Great Room no data, 3rd floor occupancy 58

Library 75

CA Labs room 314 64


Ransome Room 103


Gym 2000

Atrium no data, “Assembly” occupancy 459

Dance no data


First Floor 353

Second Floor 311