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Recycling Duty Calendar

This page describes the policy and location of Recycling Duty Events.

What is Recycling Duty?

Students are assigned to Recylcing Duty once per year.  Recycling duty occurs on Wednesday afternoon during club block and entails emptying the various containers throughout campus and in offices and transporting the contents to the three recycling centers on campus (by Ides Cottage, adjacent to Aloian Circle, and the northwest corner of the Maintenance Barn) where the contents are sorted into appropriate bins.

Where can I find out who is on duty when?

If you are a Concord Academy Student, you will find your Recycling Duty directly in your Google Calendar Application.  Using the search function of Google Calendar will help you figure out when you are assigned to Recycling Duty. You will also be reminded of your assignment by an email notification one week, one day, and ten minutes prior to the start of your duty time.

How do I find out who is on duty if I am not a student?

The Recycling Duty feed is not automatically added to Staff or Faculty Google Accounts, though any Google Account user can view the calendar embeds below to see who is on duty.

How do I change my assignment?

Only a Student Life Office member may change Recycling Duty assignments.  The specific day commitment is still in effect, even if the student chooses to reply "No" on their Google Calendar application.  If you have a conflict, such as an early departure for an athletic contest or a club meeting, please arrange a switch with a friend and notify Gretchen Roorbach of the switch.  If a switch is made without her being notified and no one shows up, the person originally scheduled for Recycling Duty will be held accountable.

The Calendar Feed

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