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Concord Academy

Key to Lunch schedule SEM 1

KEY to LUNCH SCHEDULE  SEM 1          7/23/2019


Third period each day is extra long, in order to fit a lunch period and a class.

On Monday, third period is C1, on Tuesday it is B2, on Wednesday F2, on Thursday D3, and on Friday G3.

We use a staggered lunch schedule.  Third period is divided into three parts: early lunch, middle lunch, and late lunch.


To determine which lunch you have on a particular weekday, look at your schedule of classes and see whether you have a class in third period on that day.

If your third period is free, then you have  MIDDLE LUNCH  (12:15 – 12:45).


If you have a class in third period, then find on your schedule the room number in which your class meets.  Compare this room number to the room numbers listed below:

  MON C1  EARLY lunch if in rooms: MAIN 131–340, SHAC

  TUE B2  EARLY lunch if in rooms: LABS, MAC, SHAC

  WED F2  EARLY lunch if in rooms: MAIN 131–254, SHAC

  THU D3  EARLY lunch if in rooms: LABS, MAC, SHAC

  FRI G3  EARLY lunch if in rooms: MAIN 131–340, SHAC

If your classroom number is in that list, then you have  EARLY LUNCH  11:50 – 12:20  and then class  12:20 – 1:05.


But if your classroom is not one of those in the early-lunch list, you have  class  11:50 – 12:35  and then   LATE LUNCH  12:35 – 1:05.


 NOTE: If you have middle lunch, it is important that you wait until 12:15 to avoid overcrowding in the dining hall, which is filled to capacity in early and late lunch on most days.  Also to help avoid overcrowding, the kitchen staff opens the servery ten minutes early (11:40) and keeps it open ten minutes late (1:15), in case you have the preceding or following block free.