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Concord Academy

Deadlines and Materials

3:25 p.m. EDT Wed May 5    Course request deadline for returning students 

Note:  Unless otherwise indicated, email all applicable completed course request items, at the same time, to your advisor.
This includes the Academic Course Requests, Athletics Course Requests, Departmental Study proposals, Music Placement Questionnaire, letters of application for any specific courses that require them (e.g., Feature Film Project). Permission of the advisor is signified when the advisor then sends them as email attachments (do NOT use a Google Drive folder) to the appropriate person(s).

Note:  Applications and letters of intent and audition for performing arts ensemble courses have varying deadlines as listed on the forms and are submitted directly to the persons indicated on the forms. 

Note:  10:15 a.m. EDT Fri Apr 23 is the deadline for Departmental Study proposals and letters of application for other specific courses - email items to your advisor; permission of the advisor is signified when the advisor then sends them on to the department head.

Note:  Before the course request deadline - to request permission for six majors - email the director of studies Alyse Ruiz-Selsky ( 

Note:  In the fall, Senior Project proposals are due.

3:00 p.m. EDT Wed May 12    Course request deadline for new students 

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, email electronically filled forms listed below to the registrar, Sue Sauer (
          For forms that you downloaded and filled out by (dark, clear) handwriting, scan (or photograph) them and email the files as attachments to the registrar, Sue Sauer.

Forms to email:
Academic Course Requests - electronically fillable PDF
Athletics Course Requests - electronically fillable PDF
Computer Science placement test - downloaded and electronically completed as instructed - email to person indicated on placement test
Self-Identifier Form - eletronically fillable online form

History placement test (entering 10th and 11th graders) - downloaded and electronically completed Word document 
Music placement questionnaire (if applicable) - downloaded and electronically completed Word document 
Performing arts ensemble letters of intent (if applicable) - downloaded and electronically completed Word documents - email to person indicated on application

Forms to scan (or photograph) and email the files as attachments: 
Math questionnaire and math placement test - downloaded and completed by handwriting
Modern and Classical Languages questionnaire - downloaded and completed by handwriting

Latin placement test (if applicable) - downloaded and completed by handwriting

Form sent to CA automatically: 
Modern languages online placement test

Wed Jul 21    Health forms deadline for all students 

Submit all applicable materials by the deadlines indicated above.


Concord Academy Course Catalog 2021–22 and related course request materials

The course catalog and all related course request forms and other materials are available as links on the pages for new and returning students and families.