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Tips for Completing the Fillable PDF Form Online Returning



The academic course request form is designed with Acrobat Reader as a fillable PDF to make it easy for you to enter course requests, avoid errors, and produce a legible form. It uses Acrobat Reader's interactive features. Follow the steps below.


1.  Open the file

The form is optimized for Acrobat Reader, version 8 or higher. (Other programs such as Adobe Acrobat and Mac Preview may not format properly for printing.)  Resize the window as needed.

Immediately use File - Save As to save a copy of the form (e.g., onto your desktop).

2.  Highlight Fields

In some versions of Reader, if you do not see highlighted fields for where to enter data, click the Highlight Fields button (top right). Then begin entering your information into the fields on side 1.

3.  Use mouse or trackpad

To navigate from field to field, use a mouse or trackpad, not the Tab or cursor keys.

For best results, turn off Adobe Reader’s auto-complete feature.

Mac:  Acrobat Reader - Preferences - Forms - Auto-Complete - Off

Win:  Edit - Preferences - Forms - Auto-Complete - Off

4.  Enter the courses for which you are signing up

In each chosen subject area, you may select a course from the drop-down list of courses. The list shows all courses offered — make sure you are eligible for the course you select (see the course catalog descriptions).

Or you may type the number of credits [spaces] course number [spaces] course title. The first drop-down list option is a blank line for such typing. To delete an entry, select the blank line.

In the double-up area, there is no drop-down list, so just type into the blank field.

NOTE: Together, the credits [spaces] course number [spaces] title form a single entry.

5.  Remaining fields on side 1

For each semester, type the total number of credits and number of majors.

6.  Fields on side 2

Enter information in the applicable fields.

For each backup course that you list, type course number [spaces] course title (abbreviated).

7.  More than three double-ups

If you have more than three double-ups in a semester, type the extras on side 2 in the Notes to Scheduler section, clearly identifying them as such, with semester, number of credits, course number, and course title.

8.  Print and save the final completed form

To print the form with all the lines and boxes, the print window’s Comments and Forms setting should be “Document and Markups.”  If possible, please print DOUBLE-SIDED. Thanks!

Save a copy of your completed file or printed form for your reference.8.  Editing a drop-down item

9.  Editing a drop-down item

You may select a drop-down item and then edit it. For example, if you are signing up for a Painting Departmental Study for 3 credits instead of 2, select the Painting DS item and then for the number of credits highlight 2 and type 3.

10.  Preference points

On side 1, for each course on which you are allocating one or more preference points, type the number of points.

At the bottom of side 1, type the total number of preference points allocated.

11.  Permission signatures on the printed final copy

Your advisor must sign the printed form.

Signing up for six majors in either semester requires a permission signature from Academic Dean John Drew on the printed form.