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Modern Languages Placement Test Instructions

Placement Test Instructions for Modern Languages (Chinese-Mandarin, French, German, Spanish)

Concord Academy is using Avant Placement to measure the language proficiency of our incoming students.  First, read the Placement Test Taker and Technology Guide by clicking this link:

Did you read the Placement Test Taker and Technology Guide?  You should now understand how the placement test works, the technology needed to take the test, and how to access the test.  There are also a number of troubleshooting tips at the end if you are having any difficulties. 

Ready?  Here we go.  You may have already seen the link in Step 2 of the guide to access the Avant PLACE Assessment, but you need a Username and Password to log into the test.

Your Username and Password are based on your language, so look at the table below to identify which ones you should use.  If you plan to take more than one language, repeat this process for each language.

  Username Password
Chinese (traditional) 5607-pl-ct-1 J7AB97gn
Chinese (simplified) 5607-pl-cs-2 ABCE3C49w
French 5607-pl-fr-3 9zT8E7AB
German 5607-pl-gr-4 898b6ABj
Spanish 5607-pl-sp-5 k6N4ABDW


Don’t forget to type in your name where it says “Full Name:” on the login page with your full first and last name that you provided to Concord Academy.  And that’s it!!!  Here is the link to log in and begin taking your placement test:

Remember that this placement test must be completed by the May 11 course request deadline.  If you have any questions about the placement test, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Adam Bailey
Modern and Classical Languages Department Head