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Concord Academy

Letter from the Modern and Classical Languages Department Head

April 2017

Dear New Student:

Welcome to Concord Academy’s Modern and Classical Languages Department! We want you to have an interesting, enjoyable, and challenging experience with at least one of the five languages we offer: French, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. To fulfill our graduation requirement, all students must successfully complete the third level of one language at Concord Academy. Like most colleges, we urge you to continue studying the language you select throughout your high school years in order to achieve as high a level of proficiency as possible. If you wish to take two languages this fall, you must have had prior classroom experience in at least one of them; you can find further information about taking two languages at the Modern and Classical Languages Department portion of the website.

Your choice of language should reflect personal commitment and not necessarily be dictated by the language you have already begun or by what was offered at your previous school. The materials about languages on this website help us place you appropriately at Concord Academy. There are two documents you need to work on: a questionnaire that you complete with your teacher (if possible), and a placement test that you complete on your own. Print out the forms you need and complete them.

If you are beginning a new language,

  • Fill out the appropriate portions of page 1 of the questionnaire only.
  • There is no need to complete a placement test. 

If you are continuing in one language,

  • Complete the entire questionnaire, if possible with the help of your current teacher.
  • Take the placement test. Follow the instructions and work carefully. Work alone and with no books, notes, or dictionaries. Since the placement test helps us place both advanced and beginning students, some of the material will almost certainly be unfamiliar to you. Don’t let that worry you. It is in your best interest to take the test completely on your own so that your results accurately reflect your current skill level. 

If you are requesting two languages,

  • Print out two questionnaires, one for each language.
  • Complete a questionnaire and a placement test for each language. 

If you are taking a placement test for one of our modern languages (French, German, Mandarin, or Spanish), then please go to this page for instructions on how to take the online placement test. All results for these tests will be sent electronically.

link here to instructions for Modern Languages Placement Test

If you are taking a placement test for Latin, a classical language, then please go to this page for the test, print it out, take it, and return this test with your course request materials.

link here to Latin Placement Test

Your language questionnaire and placement test are essential parts of requesting next year’s courses, and they need to be returned by the posted deadline with your other course request materials. If you have any questions about the languages we offer, our placement tests, graduation requirements, or anything about our department that is not explained on our website, please do not hesitate to contact me. On behalf of all the teachers of the Modern and Classical Languages Department, let me welcome you to Concord Academy and wish you bonnes vacances, schöne Ferien, buenas vacaciones, bonas ferias, 假期愉快!We look forward to meeting you in the fall in our classes.


Adam Bailey
Modern and Classical Languages Department Head