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Concord Academy

Updated Letter from the Health Center

July 2017

Dear Parents/Families,

We have learned that access to the Parent Portal, and therefore to the health forms for the 2017-2018 school year, will not be available until August 10. The health forms due date has therefore been moved to August 24. We apologize for the delay, and for the shorter time frame that allows for you to complete them. The following suggestions should help streamline the process once the portal opens:

1) Make sure your student has had a physical exam within one year from the start of classes. We must have a physical on file from within the past 13 months in order for your student to participate in competitive athletics, and an annual physical is expected for every student. If your student's physical will expire in the fall, now is a good time to schedule one!

2) If you want to use our health forms, click here to access them. We WILL accept your provider's own forms in place of these if that is preferable.  A medication order form is only required for prescription medications (including Epipens and inhalers) that your student might take while at school. 

3) Once the Parent Portal opens you will be able to upload the health forms directly to Magnus (our online health records manager). In addition, parents/guardian of new students will need to complete the online portion of the health forms (medical history, provider contact information, consent to treat, etc). Parents/guardian of returning students will need to review/update the information.

The Health Center will reopen on August 21. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact the Student Life Office at

Thank you -- enjoy the rest of your summer!


Eve Fraser-Corp, R.N.                      Gianna Drew, R.N.