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Individual Music Instruction and Music Composition Instructions and Policies

Individual Music Instruction (IMI) and Music Composition
2021–22 Instructions and Policies



The following students should (1) complete the Music Placement Questionnaire and (2) read the Music Placement Session Information:

  • This is your first time requesting the Individual Music Instruction (IMI) course
  • You are not requesting IMI, but in 2021–22 you will study an instrument outside of CA, and this is your first time requesting a CA music ensemble requiring continued instrumental study

link to download the Music Placement Questionnaire (Word)

link to Music Placement Session Information

link to Deadlines and Materials and Where to Send


1. Tuition billing and refunds

Individual Music Instruction (IMI) and Music Composition are year courses. Yearly tuition fees, as listed in the course catalog, are

  • 40-minute lesson:  $1625 per year
  • 60-minute lesson:  $2200 per year

For students receiving financial aid, IMI tuition support is proportional to their financial aid award.

Tuition fees for IMI and Music Composition are billed in November for the full year. Students may enroll in a single semester of IMI only if (a) they are attending a semester-away program in the other semester, or (b) they elect second-semester IMI in piano, voice, or guitar after completing the corresponding Basic course in the first semester of that same school year. In these cases, half-year IMI tuition is billed; in case (b) the billing is in February.

Music instructors communicate the tuition refund policy to their student during the first lesson:

  • If a student withdraws from IMI or Music Composition during the first three weeks of lessons, the family is charged a one-time $250 fee to cover the cost of those class meetings.
  • If a student withdraws from IMI or Music Composition after the first three weeks of lessons, the tuition fee for the year is not refunded.
  • If a student is suspended, is dismissed, or withdraws from Concord Academy, there is no tuition fee refund. Tuition insurance does not apply to tuition for Individual Music Instruction or Music Composition.
2. Making up a missed lesson

Classes in IMI and Music Composition will be made up if

  • The instructor is ill or has to miss a class for any other reason.
  • The student is ill and has emailed the instructor 24 hours prior to the class*.
  • The student becomes ill on the same day of the lesson and is in the Health Center during the class meeting time.
  • The student has an excused absence and has notified the instructor 48 hours prior to the class*. Excused absences include occasional field trips, religious holidays, medical appointments, and college visits.

*All students should be sure to have their instructor's current email address.

Classes in IMI and Music Composition will not be made up for the following reasons:

  • School has been canceled due to weather or other emergency
  • A class is forgotten by the student, missed because of a conference with another teacher, missed to study or to finish an assignment, missed because of a suspension, missed because of kitchen duty, or missed for any other reason.
3. Instruction required for students enrolled in CA instrumental music ensembles

For students enrolled in an instrumental music ensemble that has continued instrumental study as a corequisite, the following policy applies:

  • If the student's instrumental study takes place outside of CA, then the music lesson frequency must be at least weekly.