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Course Catalog 2016–17 Insert

Concord Academy

Insert to 2016–17 Course Catalog     1/9/2017

There have been changes to the 2016–17 course catalog since it was first posted.  

A summary of those changes is below. The posted course catalog has been updated with these changes.

Department and Changes


General Description of Courses and Diploma Requirements 

  • Add  Global Online Academy,  GEN992,  3 credits. 

SEM 1 or SEM 2. Open to grades 11 and 12. Prerequisite: Global Online Academy (GOA) application form submitted to one of CA's GOA coordinators as soon as possible. Students request a full CA academic course load and identify on the GOA application which CA course, if any, they will drop if they are approved for a GOA course.

Global Online Academy (GOA) is an online learning platform where students become global citizens and modern learners in an environment where curiosity drives learning. GOA offers courses that connect students to topics they care about and offers a network that connects those students to peers as passionate as they are. Students interested in taking a GOA course should be mature, self-motivated learners who welcome the independence that is integral to online learning. GOA course topics are wide-ranging, and students may not enroll in GOA courses already offered at CA. For a complete list of GOA course offerings, please visit the link below.


Computer Science 

  • • Change  Digital Graphic Design,  CSC701. 

SEM 2  SEM 1.



  • Change  Korea, Vietnam, and the United States in the 20th Century (Research Seminar) 

SEM 2  Not offered in 2016–17.

  • Change  Colonial and Postcolonial Africa 

SEM 2  Not offered in 2016–17.

  • Add  U.S.: Breaking Binaries: Critically Dissecting Gender in American History,  HIS330,  3 credits. 

SEM 2. Open to grades 11 and 12. Prerequisite: One history course at mid level. Level: Upper.

Questions about sex, sexuality, and gender are at once both intensely personal and decidedly public, shaping our everyday conversations about relationships, work, life, and politics. This course empowers students to question, debate, and consider their fundamental beliefs about gender's role in the history of America from the mid-19th century to the present. By the end of this course, students are able to use their knowledge of historical American gender texts and topics to answer thoughtfully the following questions: How have our changing and unchanging conceptions of gender affected the way we view men, women, and those identifying outside of traditional gender categories? How do other social factors, such as race, class, and geography, interact with gender to affect a person's place in society? How can we thoughtfully address and debate current issues surrounding gender in America? In this course, we consult a variety of sources including journalistic texts, alternative media, film, music, and at least one pivotal fiction or nonfiction text shaping the history of American gender thought. Assessments may include essays, quizzes, tests, and a portfolio project.



  • Change  Advanced Mathematical Explorations, MAT604, 2 credits  2 or 3 credits.

The additional requirement for the major is an extensive research project in problem solving.


Performing Arts 

  • Change  Basic Guitar,  MUS113,  SEM 1 or SEM 2  SEM 2 
  • Add  Performing Arts Departmental Study,  PER991,  1 to 3 credits. 

SEM 1 or SEM 2. Open to returning students who have demonstrated a capability for independent work in interdisciplinary performing arts. Prerequisite: Departmental study application form and proposal submitted to and approved by the department head before the course request deadline. May be taken each semester.

(See General Description of Courses and Diploma Requirements.)


  • Change  Theater 3: Advanced Scene Study,  THE302,  2 credits 3 credits 
  • Change all instances of  "after 2:55 p.m."  to  "after 3:10 p.m." 


Visual Arts 

  • Change  Concord Art Consortium. 

SEM 2  Not offered in 2016–17.


  • Change  Ceramics 2: Handbuilding. 

SEM 2  Not offered in 2016–17.


  • Change  Digital Graphic Design, VIS704. 
    SEM 2  SEM 1.


  • Change  Photography Departmental Study, PHO401

This course runs concurrently with Photography 2 or Color Photography (semester 1), or Photography 2 or Photography 3 (semester 2).



  • Change  Girls' and Boys' Varsity Alpine Skiing  ATH109, ATH110. 

Lift-ticket fee: $250  $350.

  • Change  Coed Varsity Sailing  ATH124. 

Courageous Sailing fee: $50  $150.

  • Change  Strength and Conditioning  ATH137 ATH140. 

Add  Fee: $200 [No fee].

  • Add  Individual Strength Training,  Coed,  ATH137. 

FALL or WINTER or SPRING. 1.5 hours per week during available daytime class periods. Prerequisite: Permission of the department. May be taken for only one season per year. Fee: $200.

This course is available for students interested in building a strength base for rigorous sports activities. It provides an opportunity to work with CA's strength and conditioning coach to increase strength, speed, flexibility, and agility. Programs are tailored to the needs of the student, based on strength and fitness goals.


There are no other changes at this time.