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Concord Academy

After 310 Schedule Performing Arts and Other Courses

After-3:10 p.m.  Schedule   2017–18

Performing Arts and Other Courses          3/31/2017


Chorus and CA Singers Mon  3:15–4:15  (also Tue daytime)
Jazz Ensemble Mon  3:15–4:15
Chamber Music Ensembles Mon  3:15–6:15  (also Tue daytime)
Percussion Ensemble Mon  4:15–5:15
Advanced Jazz Ensemble Mon  4:15–5:15  (also Tue daytime)
Vocal Jazz and Pop Ensemble Mon  5:15–6:45  (also Tue daytime for vocalists only)
Recording Technology Thu   4:45–6:45


  • Students in the courses listed above that meet on Mondays who are in team or intramural sports are excused from all or part of Monday athletics practice in order to attend the music class.
  • The Tuesday class meetings of Chorus and CA Singers, Advanced Jazz Ensemble, Chamber Music Ensembles, and Vocal Jazz and Pop vocalists are in the same class period. CA Singers meets, in addition, during other daytime class periods.
  • During the Monday meeting for Chamber Music Ensembles, students are scheduled for one one-hour rehearsal if assigned to one chamber group, and are scheduled for two one-hour rehearsals if assigned to two chamber groups.
  • Additional rehearsals for music ensembles are scheduled prior to major performances.
  • Music courses not included in this schedule meet during daytime class periods or at times to be arranged.


Theater 3: Company Evening rehearsal times TBA during production term
Theater 4: Directors Workshop Evening rehearsal times TBA during production term


Dance 2 (winter and spring seasons) Wed  and  Fri   5:15–6:30
Dance 3 Tue  5:15–6:30,  Wed  and  Fri   3:30–5:00
Dance 4 Mon,  Tue,  and  Thu   3:30–5:00
Dance Company Mon  and  Thu  5:00–6:30,  
*Wed  5:00–6:30  (*during fall production term)
**Wed  6:30–7:25  (**during spring production term)


Environmental Science Consortium (sem1) Six weekday evening meetings  7:00–9:00