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Academic Course Requests for New Students

All new students should complete this form.

The Academic Course Requests for New Students form is an electronically fillable PDF.  The form is optimized for use with Adobe Acrobat Reader; other PDF viewers may yield unexpected results.

Click the link below. Depending on your browser, this should allow you to view the form (as a PDF file) and might also automatically download the file, either to a downloads folder or to the desktop. If the file has not automatically downloaded, then download it, and if it is not already on the desktop, move or copy the downloaded file to the desktop. You will enter data into the downloaded form (if you try to enter data into the initial view of the form, it can't be saved or printed).

From the desktop, open the downloaded PDF form, ideally with Adobe Acrobat Reader, as noted above. Use the interactive features to complete the form. This will make it easy for you to enter course requests, avoid errors, and produce a legible form.

Then save and print out the completed form (double-sided if possible) and submit the printed form with the other course request materials by the posted deadline.

Academic Course Requests for New Students [form]


New students, here is a link to a completed sample form.

Click the link to view* a sample completed academic course request form for a new student.

If you wish, download this sample form and alter the entries to correspond to your requests. Enter data only into a downloaded form (if you try to enter data into the initial view* of the form, it can't be printed or saved).