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Concord Academy

Academic Scheduling

On CA Connect, the Concord Academy - All School Services - Calendars and Scheduling - Academic Scheduling page 

contains links to viewable pages and downloadable pages of schedule information concerning CA courses.

Scheduling Information relating to the school year 2019–20

Weekly Schedule

Open course list  (Is posted on each day of the drop/add period)  - under construction

Drop/add deadlines

Course catalog and insert

Lunch schedule - sem1

Lunch schedule - sem2  - under construction

All Classes sem2 reference list ( NOT the open course list! )  - PDF

Class schedules on special days  - under construction

Drop/add - FAQ  - under construction

Individual Music Instruction (IMI) and Music Composition - Adding

Individual Music Instruction (IMI) and Music Composition - Policies

Key to lunch schedule

Key to room locations

Key to starting and ending times

New students: What to do if placed lower than requested