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During a student's freshman and sophomore years at Concord Academy, the English Department's offerings provide a range of opportunities for students to develop their writing and reading skills through frequent discussions of and essays about poetry, prose, and drama. Group discussions anchor our English classes. Additionally, one-on-one meetings, group work, and writing projects provide students with opportunities to improve their grammar, vocabulary, writing, and close-reading skills. Juniors and seniors take four semesters of electives. Over any two-year period, we offer approximately 25 electives, all of which continue to include work in composition. Taken together, the electives provide a variety of approaches to British, American, and world literature: by theme, genre, survey, or period.


Who we are

   Nancy Boutilier

English Teacher
School Extension (978) 402-2373

   Courtney Fields

      Academic Support, Community and Equity
      School Extension (978) 402-2599

   Nicholas Hiebert

     English Teacher, House Faculty

School Extension 978-402-2309

   Abigail "Abby" Laber

English Teacher, Wilcox and New Faculty 
School Extension (978) 402-2314

  Morgan Mead

    English Teacher
    School Extension (978) 402-2377

   Sabrina Sadique

English Teacher, House Faculty
School Extension (978) 402-2391

   Andrew Stevens

English Teacher, House Faculty , Academic Support
School Extension (978) 402-2463

Ayres Stiles -Hall

English Teacher, English Department Head. House Faculty
Assistant Dean for Community and Equity

School Extension (978) 402-2452

Laura Twichell

English Teacher, Dean of  Community and Equity

School Extension (978) 402-2451

Laurence Vanleynseele

English Teacher
Residential Life, House Faculty

School Extension (978) 402-2313

  • Diploma Requirements:

Requirements Students must earn 24 credits in English, distributed as follows: Freshman English (6 credits) or equivalent in 9th grade at previous school, Sophomore English (6 credits) or equivalent in 10th grade at previous school, and four semesters (12 credits) of 3-credit English electives to be taken during the junior and senior years. The following additional recommendation and requirement apply: —We strongly encourage students to enroll in at least three semesters of literature-focused courses and at least one writing-based course. —Enrolling in more than one writing-based course in an academic year requires permission of the department. 


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